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Our mission through our technology program is to focus on keeping reusable items out of our landfills and we accomplish this by making a difference through our IT Training for the community, recycling and refurbishing initiatives.  It is our determination to keep harmful components from computers and other electronics out of the landfill, in accomplishing this; we help both the environment and the community.  

When our students express the need to obtain a computer or laptop, we seek to find such through our community relationships so no student can be without the tools they need to succeed.  Furthermore, it is our goal to donate 2,000 desktops and 2,000 laptops to low to below poverty income families who do not own such electronics and should any desire to obtain their GED/HSE diploma, we will refer them to our sister organization Educate Beyond All Barriers, Inc., who can also teach them to read as well.
Our  expected outcomes will provide 2,000 individuals technology skills and a  computer in their homes that they never had before.  This is a program  that has been tried and successful before but now we are reaching out to  the community again for this project but on a larger scale - so they  can say:  "I Did It All By Myself".

HOW You Can Help:
- Volunteering- Donate Electronics- Donate via our PayPal link at:  PayPal.Me/EBAB- Help With Our Various Fundraisers

Computer Repair

We will fix your computer at a reasonable

price and also teach our class while we fix your computer Viruses removed,
Passwords reset, Files recovered

Laptops, Desktops, Tablets

Computer Classes

We offer a free class on putting a computer together and installing software and drivers to make a computer work then the computer is yours to take home for free

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